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Slip On Like Socks, Protect Like Shoes, And Feel Like Sweatpants
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Skinners 2.0 Black
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Skinners 2.0

When socks are not enough, but shoes are too much. Relax your feet after a long day of hiking by switching to a pair of Skinners Sock Shoes, or wear them as trainers. Try trail running in a way you've never experienced before, or use them to protect your feet when running streams. The brand new sole material can stand up to hundreds of miles depending on how it is used.

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BUY 2 PAIRS OF SKINNERS 2.0 AND GET Magnetic Car holder + Metal Ring for FREE

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Why Skinners? Here`s 5 Reasons Why:

1. Gym in comfort
2. Travel in Comfort
3. Work at the office in Comfort
4. Roll upp Skinners in your purse to switch out of heels
5. Becuse Comfort is the priotity
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Customers Reviews

Green leaf
The best thing I have bought you feel such freedom Its is so easy to put them on Love it
Mila Kunis
I will never be without these it is so easy to take everywhere. i love this skinners so mutch and i use them all the time
Mike Sendler
I recently had the pleasure of purchasing products from Skinner20, and I must say, I am utterly thrilled with my decision.
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Albin Kurti
Red skinners 2.0
Take your Skinners with you
Skinners 2.0 Gray

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